A comprehensive security offer with the added allure of cutting-edge expertise

Security has been a central element of Zitac's offer since the company opened for business in 2003. Over the years, our security services and suppliers have developed in parallel with changes to the world around us; however, there have been a few constants. Our focus on delivering customer value and innovation remains part of our genes and our collaboration with our partners Fortinet and Symantec are as strong as ever.

We are especially proud of our level of product and knowledge certification, which makes us a unique partner resource in Sweden.


We have now reinforced our team further, with the result that we can offer our customers new types of services, something that is readily apparent in the field of automated security, where we are working in several European countries, and in our SOC-NOC service, where we take holistic responsibility.

Our intention is to be a customer-oriented alternative that identifies flexible, innovative solutions to continuously develop our customers’ IT environments.

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Vulnerability Scanning

When was the last time you scanned for vulnerabilities?


Symantec is one of the suppliers we have had the pleasure of working with for many many years.


We have chosen SentinelOne as our supplier to protect your computers from threats.


Zitac Consulting chooses Fortinet products for building qualitative, scalable customised security solutions.


BeyondTrust is clearly a company at the cutting edge of technology for advanced remote support, remote control and privileged access management.

Security Audits

Continuous vulnerability identification.

Client protection using AI

Prevent, detect and address threats using AI

Zitac Security Fabric

A complete, modern and innovative cybersecurity solution customised to meet your needs.

24/7 SOC support

Full security coverage with Zitac Security Operations Center

Secure Access

Support all of your employees irrespective of system, device, location or language.