Digitising and automating processes

Is it really possible to automateallprocesses? Perhaps not but clearly a large chunk of the repetitive tasks we have to deal with can be simplified by automating large parts of them. If we are looking to group tasks that can be easily automated, we should be thinking in terms of the four basic functions. Create - Read - Update - Delete or CRUDE as the concept is known.

  • Create an order, update it or delete it.
  • To place an order, you need to create a product and then be able to update or delete it.
  • You can then add steps to the process such as approval or invoice creation, etc.

Here are a few examples form our customers

System administration – a user in a large organisation has one or more roles in wide range of systems. When the user is created we add all of their roles, giving them permissions in various systems that can then be updated as necessary. Simple, quick and automatic. Everything is logged to ensure traceability. The beauty of this is that administration can be performed directly by the organisation rather than the IT function, and it gets done right every time.

Automate IT security. A customer uses Symantec Endpoint Protection. We monitor the system and when we receive an alarm the machine is scanned and the Service Desk is informed. If we are unable to rectify the problem, the computer will be quarantined and technicians will be dispatched or the user contacted.

Servers to order: A portal in which internal companies can order servers from the internal IT function. They can choose the OS (Windows or Unix), virtual or physical, memory, core processors, IOPS and whether backup is required. The processes assemble the machines and send login details to the client. They can choose the time during which the device will be operational and whether a backup should be saved once the sever is no longer required.

Business processes – A customer has a demanding client in the shipbuilding industry. There is an extensive flow of data regarding orders, work in progress, production planning and delivery times. We have linked supplier information and delivery status in a portal where both the customer and the supplier can track the progress of work and deliveries with minimal effort.

Portals – We have built a great many variations on portals where users can order or make changes to a service. But, naturally, our portals don’t stop there – they do not simply create a case somewhere. When an application is ordered it is also automatically installed; if necessary, complete with approval process.
If an order is placed that requires a purchase, we will also arrange that. Traditionally we have built unique portals for each customer; these days however, they are often replaced by our Onify digitisation platform and portal, making it easier and quicker than ever to build and deliver services.


The Zervicepoint platform focuses on automating flows and processes. Thanks to the high flexibility of the platform, it creates opportunities to develop automation in several different areas of your business.


A large-scale No-Code platform to optimize business processes - even the most advanced flows and rules. Development is extremely fast and code is represented graphically, allowing many more employees to be involved in creating new automations and process support. Zitac is a Master Reseller and competence partner for Decisions in the European market


Symantec is one of the suppliers we have had the pleasure of working with for many many years.


With Onify, we have used the latest technology to develop a powerful digitisation platform.