The ServiceDesk revolution is happening right now!

There is a pressing need to change the traditional role of IT support to encompass increasing numbers of services, both internal and external. This change, or revolution if you prefer, is happening right now. Simply supporting your users with functioning IT is no longer enough; you need to support all of your organisation’s processes and make it possible for your employees to be more productive. You also need to support your users around the clock: whenever they need it, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using.
This is by no means a simple task and we are seeing many supplier solutions lagging behind, leaving IT departments to handle far too many manual tasks.

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The next generation of service management solutions

Ivanti Service Manager (previously LANDESK and HEAT) meets these new demands admirably. Ivanti has always delivered highly functional products with very strong support for ITIL processes, perhaps even the most comprehensive in the industry. Over recent years, Ivanti has primarily developed strongly in three areas:

    • User-centred IT, Ivanti’s approach to presenting exactly the right information and functionality to meet the user’s needs, based on their role, device or even location;
    • Delivering a stylish, user-friendly experience to all users no matter the size of their screen or the operating system they are using; and
    • Integration, with support for the latest APIs making integration with other systems and applications easier than ever before.

Ivanti’s robust process and automation engine has always been their driving force, making it possible for us to automate service processes, increase availability and relieve support staff. Automation also reduces the risk of errors, makes for speedier deliveries and, above all, satisfied users. And yes, you can buy Ivanti as a service or locally installed – the choice is yours.

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