About us

We bring our skills and commitment to deliver IT solutions that give businesses a competitive edge.

We love IT.
That’s why we started and that’s still the way it is.

A fascination with technology is a big part of our motivation. We want to learn as much as possible – to be the best at what we do. When many experts in their field come together and collaborate the joy of shared knowledge begin – both internally and with our customers. Digitalisation is strong part of our DNA and we have always helped our customers with the technology they need to develop and achieve their goals.

Zitac delivers in-depth technical expertise, creative solutions and services to a Europe-wide customer base. Our aim is to create tangible value for those who choose us as their IT partner. Collaboration generates a creative environment in which we build magical solutions for our customers with the aid of technology.


From the past to the present.

Zitac is a privately owned company that started in Gothenburg in 2003. Today, we have approximately 60 employees based at offices in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö, Örebro and Stockholm. Our customers differ somewhat across our various business areas, from companies with under 50 employees to major Swedish and international corporations employing over 20,000. Turnover for the last financial year was over SEK 120 million

Knowledge and commitment.

Our competences and the needs of our customers are always our starting point; that said, we place just as much importance in truly committing ourselves to the task at hand – we love supporting our customers with the aid of technology. We strive to be the market leader or at the forefront of knowledge within all of our business areas, and preferably both. Our commitment has resulted in long-term relationships with our customers; we develop with them and actively work to transfer knowledge to and between customers.


Our vision.

In close collaboration with our clients and partners, Zitac shall offer services and solutions with market leading service levels, functionality and expertise. By actively developing and certifying the skills of our personnel, Zitac shall deliver consultancy services specifically designed for the assignments we undertake. Although our services are primarily aimed at the Nordic market, many of our clients operate globally.

Accept the challenge.

Accepting the challenge is one of our watchwords. To be able and confident in picking up the gauntlet, we must support one another and know that we have each other’s support. That’s how we work – a helping hand from colleagues is always available and together we build those magical solutions that change our customers’ everyday lives.

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