When was the last time you scanned for vulnerabilities?

Zitac will perform an analysis of your inbound and outbound network traffic. The analysis will be compiled in a report that may reveal incidents such as intrusion attempts, the type of traffic your users are generating (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and which hosts are generating most traffic. We will review the report with you and can make proposals for improvement measures to ensure that your company has a safer IT environment.

Zitac also performs vulnerability scans for both internal and external IP addresses and web applications. Among other things, our vulnerability scanning can detect weak passwords, old patches, exposed services, poor encryption and exposed personal data. Scanning will result in one or more reports, depending on how often you want to scan. Together, we will go through the report to identify possible weaknesses and propose improvements.

Listening to lines on an IP network can detect issues such as:

  • Intrusion attempts
  • Internal botnets
  • Shadow Proxy applications
  • Remote access applications
  • P2P file sharing application
  • Type of SSL traffic, where the traffic goes
  • The hosts generating the most traffic
  • Types of traffic (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Examples of what vulnerability scanning can detect on an IP network:

  • Old software
  • Wrongly configured systems
  • Exposed services, functions and system data
  • Weak passwords
  • Weak or deficient encryption

Examples of what vulnerability scanning can detect in web applications:

  • Security flaws in code and systems used
  • Weak passwords
  • Misconfigurations
  • Exposed personal data
  • Exposed code and system data


Our security consultants all have over a decade of experience in the field and have worked with a variety of organisations both in Sweden and abroad. We have extensive experience of various security suppliers and our guiding principle is to always work closely with the customer with a great commitment to our deliveries.


Our analyses are conducted at a fixed charge starting at SEK 9,000. The scope of the analysis is decided in consultation with the customer.

Contact person

Peter Andersson

Key Account Manager - IT Security