Support all of your employees irrespective of system, device, location or language.

The principal purpose of IT support is to help users throughout the organisation achieve their goals, which in turn leads to a successful business. This implies that the main expectation of IT support is that it will minimise the impact of incidents on employees by effectively managing incoming cases.

Achieving this objective has not been made any easier as the types of user, system and equipment increasingly varies.

Today, for example, it is more the rule than the exception for an employee to be on an external network, speaking another language and only have access to certain systems for a given period of time, to which can be added increasing operational requirements for traceability and secure access when contacting employees.

BeyondTrust revolutionises
user support

BeyondTrust’s market-leading solution helps IT support staff to increase your company’s operational efficiency by facilitating secure, fast and controlled access to almost any device and
user around the world.

BeyondTrust can also manage and monitor access to critical systems without a VPN (through privileged access management) and store and manage passwords in a secure vault.

Easy to get up and running

Zitac has been working with BeyondTrust for many years now and we have many satisfied reference customers in various types of organisation. One of the product’s strengths is that it is easy to get started with. Another plus is that all upgrades can be implemented by the company’s own system administrator if so desired.

Please contact us to arrange a free test of the solution.

Contact person

Peter Andersson

Key Account Manager - IT Security