Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools have been around for decades as a means of compiling financial information from various sources, generally to obtain an understanding of how the business is performing. Among commonly use tools are Microsoft Power BI and Qlik Sense. Regardless of which tools suit your business, we can help you to build IT reporting capability for your IT organisation.

This is not simply a matter of understanding IT costs in terms of how much of your IT budget a given department should be paying; it can just as easily address compliance with the demands that you place on your IT function.

It is often difficult to obtain a complex image of IT – data is often spread across a wide range of systems such as CMDB, AD, Antivirus, Inventory, ServiceDesk and Asset, to name but a few.

  • How many of your active computers are running the latest antivirus version?
  • How many of your active computers are running the latest version of Windows?
  • How high does your patching policy rate according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System?

We have built hundreds of reports using Qlik Sense, Power BI and Xtractions. If you have a question, we have the answer – naturally presented is the form of a stylish graphic, or indeed numbers if you prefer.