Automated GDPR compliance

You are presumably in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have no doubt noticed what a challenge it can be to follow the processes required by the new regulation. It demands new roles, new tasks for existing staff and regular monitoring of processing and updating of central systems. Not only that, but policies and processes must be constantly updated as your business develops..

Zitac was quick to build GDPR expertise and we have been responsible for a number of major implementation projects in companies both local and global. Our focus is on the automated compliance of GDPR processes and simplified system maintenance, searches and reporting.


This is how it works

Our projects normally consist of several resources covering various areas – from system architects to adapt existing and develop new processes, to workflow developers and graphic designers to develop systems and interfaces.

In the majority of cases we break down the work into short projects so that the customer can quickly benefit from the automation we build. We use the best automation tools on the market, making our projects more efficient than standard development. This means that a project can be implemented as quickly as a matter of days, after which the process can be developed over time if so desired.

Our GDPR automation partners are Onify, Ivanti and Decisions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration and together we can build something adapted to your business.