Continuous vulnerability identification

Does your organisation have control of data security in relation to existing requirements for IT infrastructure and business systems? Has over a year passed since you last reviewed your security policy? Companies are increasingly turning to Zitac for a holistic approach to security audits and to ensure continuity in improvement work.

Systematic, continuous reviews of a company’s data security based on predefined requirements is a passion of ours and something we continuously develop. Zitac has developed a successful concept in which we use the best tools on the market to analyse the environment in combination with mapping your procedures.

This is how it works

Work is normally conducted over a limited period of time in predefined stages:

  • Analysis of network traffic and vulnerability scanning. This normally takes place over a period of 1-4 weeks.
  • In parallel with this we will map the procedures, processes and organisation used in day-to-day security activities.
  • Presentation of results and recommendations.
  • If necessary, security will also be tested using different system support.

We also conduct audits and automations linked to security in order to ensure that work does not stop once delivery has been made.


Our security consultants all have over a decade of experience in the field and have worked with a variety of organisations both in Sweden and abroad.
We have extensive experience of various security suppliers and our guiding principle is to always work closely with the customer with a great commitment to our deliveries.


We offer security auditing at fixed prices starting from SEK 9,500. The scope of the audit is decided in consultation with the customer.

Contact person

Peter Andersson

Key Account Manager - IT Security