Decisions Webinar

Taking rules and workflows to the business

We love your IT processes - and we have been building and designing IT automation for more than a decade.  Most commonly - as you know - we have successfully used Symantec Workflow to automate your IT processes.

Many of the workflows we have built have been running for years and are making the everyday life of the IT teams and the end users better, at the same time enhancing the quality and speed of the services.

But the market is developing rapidly and we have to stay current with new tools to support new customer demands. Today it´s no longer all about the process - it is about the intelligence, the rules and the fact that IT has become the business, and the business needs your help to be more effective, automated and agile.

So - let us introduce Decisions!

Decisions share Symantec Workflows powerful DNA - but adds ease of use, rules and analysis to build the most powerful automation and rules platform on the market.

Join our introduction to  Decisions platform and see the use cases and you will understand why Forrester  ranks Decisions as their number one Business rules and Decisioning tool.

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