Zitac Altiris User Group


Zitac Altiris User Group - Recorded version 

We are really happy to invite you all to our Altiris User group EPM. It will be an information packed session with Altiris in depth and Broadcom overall information.

This is a recorded event which gives you the benefit to watch this wherever and whenever. 


EPM Product update 2022

Guest speaker: Jim Broniec, Technical Director, Endpoint Management Products at Broadcom

Just this week we received 8.6RU2 a brand new release of Altiris, we tell you all about the latest features and look into the roadmap for 2022.

  • Round Table Sessions – feedback from Customers
  • Requests for new functionality in the EPM products
  • Troubleshooting questions

Beyond Symantec Workflow 

Guest Speaker: Kenny Vigersand, IT Automation Expert

Symantec Workflow has long been the most underrated but important product in Broadcoms range. However, when you need shorter development time, a modern UI or Rule Based processes there is a big advantage of looking at Decisions. We will show you a number of use cases.

Extending the Security capabilities with Symantec SES-Complete

Guest speaker Broadcom - Niklas Rydback,  Endpoint Security Solution Engineer

Symantec Endpoint Protection has come long way with the new version SES-Complete. We present the technical advantages of moving your security to the cloud and the new capabilities that SES Complete brings to increase your IT Security.



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This is a recorded version of the event.