Let Zitac handle your client management and user support while you focus on your core business, gaining better control of your IT environment into the bargain.


There are any number of reasons to test Zitac's user support and client management solution.

  • Get better control of your IT infrastructure.
  • Make sure that your users get the help they need, regardless of holidays or sick leave.
  • Achieve possibilities that are normally reserved for larger organisations.
  • Work with a partner who values knowledge and maintains a high-quality mindset.
  • Maintain focus on your company’s core business.

A wide range

Decide for yourself which components and services suit your particular organisation.
Prices from SEK 49 to 299 per month and user.


  • Free telephone support for users, weekdays 07:00-18:00
  • 24/7 error reporting
  • Ongoing license and warranty inventory
  • Ongoing Windows OS updates
  • Updates of third-party applications (Adobe, Java and Flash)
  • Operational support and updates of up to 10 standard applications
  • Installation and reinstallation of computers
  • Office 365 administration, reporting and support
  • Reporting
  • Client protection


  • Backup
  • Surveillance
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Encryption
  • Office 365 licenses
  • Financing of hardware and software

Needs-adapted solutions


User support

Hassle-free remote control

Surveillance – creates proactivity



Reports on how the client park is doing

Hardware asset management – who are your clients and what warranties do they have?

Patch management – secure your clients

Software deployment – automatic application rollout

OS Deployment – rollout or reinstallation of PC


Endpoint protection

Endpoint backup

Endpoint encryption

Try first

Modern technology in a standardised, scalable solution that allows you to focus on your busienss goals instead of technical issues. It is easy to get up and running and adapt to your needs. Choose for yourself which packaging meets your needs, at a fixed monthly price per user. Naturally, you can test and evaluate the solution free of charge.

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Johan Karlgren

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