Admittedly, not everything we do is going to win prizes as the most enjoyable job in IT. Patching for one. Antivirus and backup likewise. Other factors that link these three is that someone has to do them and that we are extremely proficient in them.

And no, it is not sufficient to rely on Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) – simply patching Windows and praying that the vulnerabilities of the rest of your un-updated applications are not used to hack the systems for which your IT department is responsible is hardly an option. The fact is, in 80% of cases it is just such vulnerabilities in third-party applications that are exploited.

Well, that’s enough of the scaremongering – what are we going to do about it? We will help you to find the tools and (preferable automated) processes that can continuously update your environment with the least possible effort on your part, so you can get on with the fun parts of the job. Not only that, we can also arrange reporting so that you can demonstrate what a great job you are doing – either inbuilt or in handy BI Graphics. Interested? Read on to find out how we can help you specifically. And, yes, we actually do find this enjoyable. Honestly.

Ivanti Patch for Windows, Unix, Mac

If you need a system that offers you far better control over what is being patched, what has been patched and when and where this is all happening, then you should definitely take a look at Ivanti’s products for Windows, Unix and Mac OS X.

The one we see most of at our own customers is Ivanti Patch for Windows, the classic Shavlik patch solution in Ivanti format. With support for both Windows clients and servers, and even the ability to patch non-operational virtual machines, this is the most highly developed patching solution on the market. It patches Windows and all Microsoft systems and applications, as well as third-party applications running on the same system. Ivanti Patch for Windows also gives you full control and reporting of when and how a system should be patched and who needs to give approval or be informed. Everything can be automated to the extent you desire. This is quite simply the best patching solution on the market, used by thousands of demanding customers worldwide.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information, a demonstration or test licenses.


Patch third-part applications direct from the SCCM console without additional infrastructure or training. Ivanti Patch for Microsoft System Center (previously Shavlik Patch) adds third-party patching to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). It doesn’t get any simpler than that. All administration is performed in System Center in the same way you are used to handling Microsoft patches.


In System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP), SCCM has a good tool for delivering software and updates to your organisation’s workstations. SCUP does however lack some functionality, leaving your IT department to spend a great deal of time on third-party programs. For this reason, many IT organisations choose to completely ignore this element of patch management, even though 86% of reported vulnerabilities are currently found in just these third-party applications. Ivanti Patch solves the problem by using the existing SCCM console infrastructure to manage third-party applications.

Partner to OneBot

Zitac, as an implementation partner for OneBot, can streamline and automate your ITSM processes. Learn more about how our expertise can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs and enhance your IT operations. Contact us for a demo or more information.


Discover how Zitac's expertise and seamless integration with Kandji's powerful device management platform can transform your organization's IT infrastructure.


The Zervicepoint platform focuses on automating flows and processes. Thanks to the high flexibility of the platform, it creates opportunities to develop automation in several different areas of your business.


A large-scale No-Code platform to optimize business processes - even the most advanced flows and rules. Development is extremely fast and code is represented graphically, allowing many more employees to be involved in creating new automations and process support. Zitac is a Master Reseller and competence partner for Decisions in the European market


Companies are increasingly moving from on-prem solutions using Exchange to Office 365. While this is a completely natural development, it should not be a reason to compromise on previously agreed rules. Constantly increasing threat scenarios combined with stricter regulations increase the value of a functioning backup for Office 365. To deal with this area, Zitac has chosen to work with KeepIT.


Veeam Software is the global leader in developing backup, disaster recovery and intelligent data management solutions for both virtual and physical infrastructure and the cloud. Zitac has chosen to work with Veeam in order to offer a complete backup service to our customers.


Flexera creates solutions that help you reach better business decisions through a new approach to software and application lifecycles.


With our wealth of experience we are in a position to deliver advanced backup solutions in your own or our IT environment, the cloud or installed as a turnkey solution with you.


Symantec is one of the suppliers we have had the pleasure of working with for many many years.


We have chosen SentinelOne as our supplier to protect your computers from threats.


When combined with our industry knowledge, our expertise in Microsoft solutions provides customers with tangible benefits and increased opportunities to achieve their full potential.


We primarily work with HPE solutions for clients, servers, storage and networking.