Enterprise Mobility Management 

By embracing mobility and devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it opens up new ways of working and unleashes the full potential of your organization.

Mobility - The key to a productive and innovative workplace.

Empowering employees with the freedom to work efficiently from anywhere, using their preferred devices, encourages greater productivity and enhances collaboration. This flexibility not only attracts top talent but also boosts satisfaction and retention. Moreover, it helps frontline workers access critical resources and information, enabling them to make real-time decisions and provide exceptional customer experiences.

By integrating mobility solutions and mobile devices into the heart of your organization, you create a future-ready workplace that thrives on innovation, adapts to change, and stays ahead of the competition. Seize the opportunities that smartphones, tablets, and new ways of working offer, and watch your business flourish in the age of digital transformation.

Seamless IT Management for Mobile Devices and Apps

By empowering IT with modern management tools, services and supporting them with our experienced team of consultants & engineers we are creating frictionless IT to Manage & Secure mobile endpoints and give users access to powerful apps to work smarter and more productive.


What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems are a suite of products used to deploy, configure, secure and actively manage mobile devices in an enterprise environment.

What are Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provides a single platform for managing and securing mobile devices, applications, content, login access, singe sign-on and more. With a centralized console, EMM offers a flexible approach to managing mobile devices or a secure workspace on mobile devices to address the different use cases and needs organization-wide.

  • Support for a broad range of devices and OS, phones, tablets, rugged devices and streaming devices can be managed by a common EMM platform.
  • Protection of all data and apps on devices, whether corporate or personal, through biometric access, encryption, containers, Data Loss Prevention, and the ability to selectively erase corporate data without affecting personal employee information.
  • Ensuring apps and operating systems is up to date by pushing updates as soon as they become available, helping prevent zero-day attacks.
  • App Management and Company App stores are utilized to deploy business applications and AppConfig in a secure manner, with limits on which applications can be installed on corporate devices.
  • Enforce compliance framework with a dynamic policy and configurations and easy to them keep them updated over time when new version are released.

Säkerställ compliance genom att se till att enheter som används på distans nyttjar en säker infrastruktur innan åtkomst ges till skyddad information.

Skydda all personlig och företagsdata genom att använda biometrisk åtkomst, kryptering, containrar, Data Loss Prevention och selektiv radering av företagsdata samtidigt som personlig information för anställda bevaras.

digital arbetsplats

Tillhandahåll användningsdata, analys och rapportering för att hjälpa till att identifiera mönster som kan förbättra användningen

Pusha regelbundet uppdateringar för säkerhetsprogramvara till alla enheter så snart de blir tillgängliga kan hjälpa till att förhindra zero-day attack.

Support för en bred uppsättning enheter och operativsystem, mobila och stationära, så att så många enheter som möjligt kan hanteras av en gemensam plattform. 

Tillämpa en policyengine som kan fastställa och genomföra policys, modifiera dem vid behov och anpassa dem efter geografi, avdelning, jobbfunktion eller andra faktorer.

Mobile Device Management

Remotely monitor, manage configurations, policys and secure access for mobile devices.

Zero-touch Deployment

Deploy hardware directly to employees anywhere with ease. With automated enrollment everything is being configured on the fly during startup of the device.

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Security & Compliance

Enforce compliance, monitor and manage security settings on devices and automate OS and apps updates to reduce security threats.

Mobile App Management

Enable App Lifecycle Management of mobile apps, including distribution, configurations, updates, and security.


"EMM has enabled our company to achieve greater productivity and collaboration by providing seamless management of our mobile devices and apps. It has also enhanced the security of our corporate data, ensuring that we remain compliant with industry regulations"

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