Backup as a service

Let Zitac take responsibility for your backup so you can safely continue developing your core business in peace.

Backup should just work

The backup itself is usually something that should just work, but few want to put much energy into it. At Zitac, we have specialized in backup for many years and have long experience. We can safely say that if you let us handle your backup, you can trust that we will do the important work of following up to ensure that it works as it should - even when you want to retrieve the information.


Your existing backup environment.

We can either manage your existing backup environment as a service, and be proactive in suggesting improvements and development.

Backup in Zitacs environment

Or, you can place your entire backup in our environment and we will ensure that it works as agreed upon. At regular intervals, we will check and adjust the service to fit your business.

Full control

Be assured that your data is saved and securely stored with us.

Certified experts

Zitac always starts from competence and assures you that you have the market's sharpest backup experts taking care of your affairs.

Focus on core business

We take care of your backup so you can free up time to focus on your core business.

"Thanks to Zitac, we have gained better control over our IT environment. We have increased security and receive ongoing reports that allow us to act proactively in a completely new way."

Martin Eriksson, CTO, Joab

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backup solution.

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