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Whether the lack of time is due to poor data quality or the frustration of inefficient business processes in your day-to-day work, Zervicepoint's digital platform can automate and streamline. Allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter to your business

Automates your business processes

The Zervicepoint platform focuses on automating flows and processes. Thanks to the high flexibility of the platform, it creates opportunities to develop automation in several different areas of your business. For example, Zervicepoint excels in HR automation where you can easily create flows for onboarding and offboarding.

Lots of flexibility

To help your environment develop seamlessly over time, there are on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based options.

Scalable platform

Zervicepoint is designed to enable organizations to grow.

Ready for your favorite integration

Integrate with any API-based system. Create automated services with ready-made or custom integrations.

Increase quality

Increase the quality and control of the data and information flows of your organization. Zervicepoint keeps track of data to ensure that it is always up-todate and securely distributed.

Check data

Increase the quality and control of your organization’s data and information flow

User-friendly interface

Zervicepoint is a responsive and modern web-based application that unifies all business processes in one place.

IT Automation

Since the early 2000s, Zitac has had a dedicated team focused on automation. Initially focusing on IT and optimizing IT related tasks and server and client computer management, we now help entire organizations take control of their processes. Whether you are looking for technically skilled resource consultants or forward-thinking automation projects with top automation expertise, please feel free to contact us for an enquiry.

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Vi lär känna Linus Appelgren

Linus tillhör Automationsteamet på Zitac och specialiserar sig på bl.a. produkten Decisions. Att kunna utveckla utan kod går extremt snabbt, något Linus blev fascinerad av när han såg Decisions plattform första gången.

Vi lär känna Tony Aronsson

Tony är en stark spelare i automationsteamet på Zitac.


Zitac has helped many organisations to automate their human resource processes.

Process Automation

Here at Zitac we have built a great many customised and standard processes for our customers.

Digitalisera företag

Beroende på var ni befinner er i er digitaliserings-resa, stöttar vi upp med olika tjänster, konsulter eller expertis inom olika områden. Alltid med fokus på teknik som en stark möjlig-görare för att utveckla er verksamhet och affär in i framtiden.

Why partner with Zitac

  • Zitacs automation team includes some of the top Zervicepoint consultants in the industry.
  • Structured and experienced implementation partner to challenge you to take your next step
  • A strong reputation with many positive client references. We believe in long-term partnerships.
  • High accessibility among our consultants.

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Perstorp omorganiserar med hjälp av Zervicepoint

"Med besparingsmål och mindre resurser skulle vi bibehålla och även utöka vår service. Zervicepoint var det enda alternativet"
Susanna Frennemo, Vice president IT, Perstorp

Husqvarna använder Decisiosn