Here at Zitac we have been working with automation and portals for over 15 years. Many of our customers still use the same portal we built many years ago, each unique to that customer and therefore difficult to develop. This is why we have started a collaboration with Swedish company Zervicepoint. Zervicepoint’s platform effortlessly streamlines your employees’ everyday lives with its simple interface and powerful automation engine.

A digital platform that automates your business processes

Whether your time is pressed by poor data quality or frustratingly inefficient business processes, our digital platform can automate and simplify to ease the pressure. This will make your working life easier and much more pleasant and allow you to concentrate on what is actually important to your company.

Three reasons why you should choose Zervicepoint

  • Lead the market into the bargain: Focus on your core business and time-to-market and let Zervicepoint handle the countless manual tasks by automating you day-to-day business and operational processes.
  • Improve quality: Increase the quality and control of your organisation’s data and information flows. Zervicepoint keeps tabs on your data so that it always remains up to date and securely distributed. By integrating with other systems, relevant and useful data is distributed to your users.
  • Provide your colleagues with a frictionless working day: Make it simple and pleasant for your colleagues to use automation, thereby increasing productivity and freeing up time for innovation. In Zervicepoint’s interface the end user is always the superhero; our mantra is to always build and develop our product to offer an extraordinary user experience and functionality.

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