Here at Zitac, we have been building portals and automations for over 10 years. While these have proven to be fantastic systems that continue functioning year after year, they are expensive to develop and their functionally gradually becomes limited. With Onify, we have used the latest technology to develop a powerful digitisation platform that can be administered from an easy-to-use portal.

The emphasis is on user-friendliness and feedback from customers indicates that users are extremely satisfied and for the most part do not need any training or guidance thanks to the intuitive grasp of the product. If only all systems worked that way.

Onify integrates all of your systems, making information and services available in an entirely new way.


Onify Self-service portal

Onify is our new interface with, well, pretty much any system at all; however, we primarily use Onify as a common interface for IT services, an IT portal.


GDPR automation

Automated GDPR compliance.


Process Automation

Here at Zitac we have built a great many customised and standard processes for our customers.