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Decisions Studio is an integrated design framework that non-programmers can use to develop. A true no-code platform where you can virtually build whatever you want. If you are looking to develop complex programs/applications or flows without having to rely on a developer, Decisions is the way to go.

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Decisions is a leading provider of software for automating business processes without code. Decisions' technology is used as the basis for multiple commercial applications in healthcare, life sciences, finance, logistics and operations software. Today, it is used globally directly by businesses ranging from mid-sized companies to several Fortune 500 companies. Creating applications in Decisions is extremely easy.

You don't have to be a programmer, all you need to know is what data formats and variables are.

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Common areas of use

Data processing

Flat file management and other imports. Process, transform and manipulate data. Data cleanup and standardisation. Output to systems and databases.

Classic BPM processes

Automation of user interactions, approvals, requests, tracking, etc.

Case management

Less structured workflows controlled by data and rules.

System integration

Manage integration and interactions between systems and events. Data processing and transformation and rule management for cleaning up data.

Business rules

manage policy compliance, make business decisions, centralise business logic.

IT Automation

Since the early 2000s, Zitac has had a dedicated team focused on automation. Initially focusing on IT and optimizing IT related tasks and server and client computer management, we now help entire organizations take control of their processes. Whether you are looking for technically skilled resource consultants or forward-thinking automation projects with top automation expertise, please feel free to contact us for an enquiry.

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Get to know Linus Appelgren

Linus belongs to our Automation team at Zitac Consulting and specializes in the Decisions platform. Being able to develop without code is extremely fast, something Linus was fascinated by when he first saw Decision's platform. We asked Linus a few questions to get to know him better.


Get to know Kenny Vigersand

Kenny is our automation expert who helps our customers eliminate manual processes to improve efficiency. Kenny works primarily with the Decisions platform where we are the Master reseller in Europe and Kenny is definitely one of Europe's most competent Decisions developers. Joining a demo with Kenny is very entertaining as he can often build the process during the meeting, right in the platform. Try him!

AI in business processes

Dive deep into AI automation and its significance for today's business strategies. Explore our partner Decisions' whitepaper 'Automating AI', which offers unique perspectives and concrete examples of how companies can integrate and maximize AI technologies.

Why Decisions

  • Very straightforward to get started and extremely speedy into production
  • Visual and user-friendly, allowing anyone to develop in Decisions
  • Flexible - Anything can be created in the platform
  • The business owns its Intellectual Property
  • Independence from the development consultant
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Why partner with Zitac

  • Zitacs automation team includes some of the top Decisions consultants on the market.
  • Structured and experienced implementation partner to challenge you to take your next step
  • A strong reputation with many positive client references. We believe in long-term partnerships.
  • High accessibility among our consultants.

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