Let your organisation develop the systems!

Why bring in an entire development team to work for months developing a system when you now have the simple graphical tools to develop powerful applications for your business?

Decisions automates workflows and processes using a set of graphical tools that allow you to create workflows, active forms, system integrations, overviews and reports without writing a single line of code. Everything is created using simple drag and drop tools in a no-code design tool. The result is apps that are not only built in a fraction of the time required by traditional means but that can also be easily adapted to changing requirements. Development can take place within or in close collaboration with the organisation, making the step from business logic to tools short and simple.

Business rules are configured and tested in fully visual designers in the Decisions Studio. These designers enable users to see, understand, and edit the business rules without writing any code. Business rules can be configured in a number of different formats including: tables, statements, trees and matrixes. Rules can be used within workflows and integrated with other applications using REST and SOAP API.


  • Classic BPM processes: Automation of user interactions, approvals, requests, tracking, etc.
  • Case management: Less structured workflows controlled by data and rules.
  • System integration: Manage integration and interactions between systems and events. Data processing and transformation and rule management for cleaning up data.
  • Data processing: Flat file management and other imports. Process, transform and manipulate data. Data cleanup and standardisation. Output to systems and databases.
  • Business rules: manage policy compliance, make business decisions, centralise business logic.


Decisions Studio is an integrated design environment that provides a set of graphical tools that non-programmers can use to develop applications. These tools share a common visual interface and allow you to create develop and test business ideas without writing a single line of code. The business rule engine is used to create active forms, make decisions in workflows and give meaning to reports and can also be used in an API/messaging infrastructure.

  • Graphical workflows, rules, overviews and dashboards are created in a simple drag and drop designer.
  • Graphical data mapping
  • Visual testing tools for testing devices and other lifecycle management functions.
  • Extensive library with over 2,000 predefined process steps.
  • Graphic designer for data structure.

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