Kenny Vigersand

Kenny is our automation expert who helps our customers eliminate manual processes to improve efficiency. Kenny works primarily with the Decisions platform where we are the Master reseller in Europe and Kenny is definitely one of Europe's most competent Decisions developers. Joining a demo with Kenny is very entertaining as he can often build the process during the meeting, right in the platform. Try him!

What do you work with?
Consultant within our automation team with a focus on the no-code platform Decisions.

How do you usually describe your job when someone asks what you do?
I usually say that I work with digitizing and automating manual processes and routines.

What are your strengths?
I would say that my broad and general knowledge about IT is my greatest strength. That and my Google skills ????

How long have you worked at Zitac?
I started working at Zitac in the spring of 2006.

What do you like most about your job?
The most satisfying thing with my job is to see when a few hours of work can lead to time savings that sometimes amount to thousands of hours.

What is your most used mobile app?
WGT Golf

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