The investment in ESM has provided enormous scaling opportunities in a short time.

Capio is the leading private healthcare provider in the Nordics, offering a wide range of high-quality healthcare services from hospitals, specialist clinics and health centers in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. In addition, patients can get help via digital services. Since 2018, Capio is part of Ramsay Santé - a leading healthcare provider with 36,000 employees across six countries. The IT infrastructure is a key part of the organization, providing everything from services directly to the end customer to processes for efficient healthcare practices.

With the support of Zitac, Capio has implemented Ivanti's Enterprise Service Management solution and replaced previous local systems. This was done to create a more unified IT environment and extend the solution to be used in multiple areas of the business.

"Our service would not have been possible without an ITSM system to support the ESM. We now recognize opportunities to extend our ITSM beyond standard internal IT. Currently this solution is also used by the VITA department. They operate within Capio Support and support healthcare professionals working in the field. We also investigate how this could be used in purchasing, marketing, and administration. This is an example of Enterprise Service Management that creates great value for Capio."

Jack Langgaard, Service Desk Manager 

From locally managed to a centralized service offering

Previously, Capio was divided into four business areas. Each business area was responsible for its own functions and processes with associated systems, such as IT, support, finance, payroll, and marketing. Each business area and unit made its own decisions on investments in IT equipment, resulting in an unmanageable patchwork of age, contracts, and quality.

"Whenever there was a major update/rollout of versions on different applications/systems, such as Windows 7 to Windows 10, the large variety of clients with different requirements was difficult to handle. It required us to certify 25-30 different models, then the rest had to be a matter of chance - fingers crossed. It goes without saying that it takes enormous resources to keep it all together, especially over time."

Jack Langgaard, Service Desk Manager, Capio

To streamline the work, a decision was taken on a joint IT strategy that involved a shift from decentralized, locally managed to a centralized service offering with a focus on Enterprise Service Management. The three major areas of IT - Networking, Print and IT Workplace - were restructured into one unified service and early on it became clear that a strong ITSM (IT Service Management) system support was needed to maintain and monitor the service delivery to achieve the full potential of the service.

"We see the pendulum swinging again and we are moving from a decentralized to a centralized mindset. And that's exactly what happened at Capio, we adopted a strategy to streamline by centralizing"

Jack Langgaard, Service Desk Manager, Capio

Choice of partner - just as important as the system

When a business needs to supplement resources and expertise internally, finding a partner that can support your own organization is beneficial. The functionality and potential of the system becomes as important as the partner's leading-edge expertise and ability to find solutions and engage the customer.

After reviewing 15 potential partner candidates, Capio found only a few that stood out from the crowd. Many partners were very focused on what the system could do and devoted less time to explaining what the partner could bring to the table.

"A great partner doesn't wait for us to say 'this should be done', we want to be proactive in many aspects. We prefer a partner who is an expert in the actual tool and makes suggestions for possible implementations or improvements to suit our business."

Jack Langgaard, Service Desk Manager, Capio

Zitac was entrusted to be Capio's IT partner in their Enterprise Service Management initiative, for which we are very grateful and proud.

One system is more manageable than two

The implementation of a new ITSM system started with a workshop to define all processes and workflows. New processes were formulated around the service order and priorities were set on what to be implemented first. The goal was to go live with all envisaged services after six months, a reasonably tight schedule. Throughout the project, more use cases for Ivanti emerged and more units were involved, allowing the implementation to increase.

For Capio, increasing efficiency and control motivated the change from multiple systems to centralization in Ivanti. Capio considered it a strength not having to develop and spend resources on several different systems. They needed to get a comprehensive picture of the IT infrastructure and now, with a single system, they can link all parts together.

"Having an IT Workplace service, you need to connect your assets to the service to understand the service. Not just provide a PC but connect to the support and lifecycle management of it. These processes need to be automated allowing us to spend more time analyzing, optimizing and improving our services."

Jack Langgaard, Service Desk Manager, Capio